Monday, 22 October 2012

Day 15

A long day today 27 miles and the current was much less than recent days. Started in Windsor and paddled past Liz's house on the hill and finished at Teddington Lock, the end of the non-tidal Thames ready for our final run to Tower Bridge on tomorrow's early high tide.  We expect to leave at 8.15 am and with the tide we should pass Tower Bridge at lunchtime.

You may be surprised to hear that your three heroes were all pulled today by a lovely lady called Becky.  You can see her in the lock with us in the picture above.  Becky is a beautifully restored Dutch barge and was travelling at just our speed.  By sitting on her wake we were pulled along like dolphins on a bow wave.  We made great progress for many miles with very little effort.  I call that exploitation of good fortune not cheating!

If you zoom into the picture above you will see that the purpose of our exploits has nothing to do with kayaking to London.  It has been simply an excuse for David to avoiud shaving for as couple of weeks!

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