Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Training is Progressing

News from Brian

'Greetings from the Oman and the heat. Settled down into twice weekly training in the dark and am now completing 15 miles in circuits in the coastal waters of Muscat. Supplementing with regular rowing at the gym whilst watching the Olympics on the television. What a great summer for British sport! Will we be able to complete 30 miles a day for two weeks in October? Our driver Ian has threatened to leave us behind if we can't keep up so that is a good incentive to train harder!!!'

Trevor & David

We are now out paddling 3 times a week paddling 10 to 12 miles each time.  On Saturday the wind was a problem with 30 mph gusts forecast for Windermere so for a change we took the boats to Tewitfield on the Lancaster canal - our starting point in October.  We enjoyed the experience so much that we have back today.  Ducks, moorhens and herons abounded and fellow boaters were friendly and chatty.  Nobody offered us a cup of tea though lots of people asked if we were training for the Olympics.

Saturday is earmarked for a longer trip either twice the full length of Windermere or Tewitfield to Lancaster and back on the canal, depending on the weather.  Over 20 miles will be a big test.

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